August 12, 2016

Five for Friday: Back to School Read Aloud Books


This week I have been so busy trying to get my classroom set up.  I will be posting pics soon!  My mind is in overdrive with everything going on.  Therefore, I thought I would use this weeks Five for Friday to highlight my favorite back to school books to read during our read aloud times.  At least I can get one thing off my mind!  (Please note that this post contains affiliate links.)

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First Day Jitters - This is my favorite first day of school story.  There is a twist at the end of the book. Watching the students faces when I read the last page lets me see which students have better comprehension.  This is a very informal test to see my students' ability levels, but it's very accurate!


Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians - This is a version of Goldisocks and the Three Bears.  It's great to teach students the 5 finger rule to find just write books.


Have You Filled Your Bucket Today? - This book shows why students have to be careful how they treat each other.  There are tons of online activities that support this book.


If You Take a Mouse to School - After reading this story, we write a story about taking a student to school - great shared writing.


Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind - I like to read this book to show my students how hard I am going to work to get them reading!

Happy Reading!

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