August 19, 2016

Five for Friday: Back to School


I can't believe that school started back (at least for teachers) this week.  Students start Monday.  Where does the time go?

 Check out this week's Five for Friday linky!


TPT Feedback - Did you know you can earn TPT credits for all your purchases?  To leave feedback, click on my purchases.  Under the product name and author is a thumbs up that says Provide Feedback.  When you click on that, a screen pops up for you to "grade" the product and leave a comment.  Each time you provide feedback, you earn credit that can be applied to future purchases. Your feedback saves you money and helps the Teacher Author!

Please note that you do not earn credit for comments made on Free Downloads.  However, your comments really benefit the people that created the products for you.  Please comment!


Facebook Groups - Earlier this summer, I joined a Facebook Group called All About 3rd Grade.  I LOVE it!  It's a great one for ideas and help when needed.  Does anyone else have a group they use?


Classroom Library - I am so lucky to have both of my parents help me with my classroom.  Last week, my mom unpacked my books and help me organize them into the bins while my dad put together 3 bookcases.  

This week, I got a surprise when I went to school on Wednesday.  My dad put together 2 new bookcases and set them up in my room for me to find when I went to school after our professional development.  I am a lucky girl!

This is just part of my library.  There are many more shelves and bins!  Each color bin corresponds to the type of books.  For example, the red bins contain all the series of books that I have while the blue bins are categorized by author.


Student Birthdays - If you missed my post on student birthdays, click the pic below to check it out.


Ready for Students - My classroom is ready for students to begin Monday morning.  I am super excited with how it looks.  Check out my room below.

Books are all passed out and in desks.  Morning work is ready to go!

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