August 16, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Celebrating Student Birthdays

Today is my last day of Summer Break.  Tomorrow I start back with 3 days of pd.  My classroom is mostly done.  I will put the finishing touches on things after my pd session.  I will post pics when it's complete.  Until then, I am working on things at home.  I will focus today on some things I created at home to celebrate my students' birthdays.  Please note there are some affiliate links thrown in.

These have been all over Pinterest for years.  I have also seen a ton of people posting them in Instagram too.  These take more effort to create than anything else.  I got crayons at Walmart for 25 cents and 6 packs of pencil sharpeners from Dollar Tree.  I have learned not to put glue sticks in them.  They did not work by the end of the school year last year.  The containers below are like the ones I found online to use as the cups.

I figure that many of my students don't get much, if anything, for their birthday.  This helps them feel special.

I get a lot of students that come back and visit me on their birthdays.  They want to make sure I get a cupcake!  I always give them a birthday pencil or bookmark.  I found this cute box at the dollar store to store these goodies.  Now I don't have to dig them out when I get an unexpected visitor.

This was an idea I got from nErD Camp.  You take a gift bag and fill it with books about birthdays.  When it's a student's birthday, they get to pick out the read aloud book for the day.  I love this idea!  I am big on read alouds to begin with and now I can incorporate a way to make the student's day a little more special.  (Please note: the students only pick a book for you to read, they do not keep them.)

If you are having trouble thinking of birthday books, there are a couple to get you started in the picture.  I put some more below to get your started.

I have created a fun pack of birthday activities that I just put on TPT.  It contains labels for the birthday cups, a spot to record all your students' birthdays, certificates, sheets to create a class book and a few other goodies.  Click the pic above to check it out.


  1. Love all your birthday ideas! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  2. Ooh...I love # 2...I always have trouble coming up with something for the bday visitor when they pop in! Good ideas! :)


  3. CUTE ideas! I still haven't quite figured out an efficient cost effective way to celebrate birthdays! I should really figure it out soon!