September 2, 2016

Five for Friday: Interactive Notebooks, Social Committee, Update


Second week of school is a wrap!  It's been a busy week.  We have been busy continuing to establish routines,knocking the chattiness out of the way, working on opening locks for our lockers...  I could go on and on.  Here are some of my favorites this week.

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Classroom Gifts - My best friend's parents always ask me for a wish list for items I need for my classroom.  They hooked me up with these goodies!  They also told me that they have Kleenex coming too!


Interactive Notebooks - Each year I intend to complete interactive notebooks with my students.  It's been hard since I haven't been the sole teacher for the subject.  This year it's all me.  I am determined to get an interactive math notebook done!  We started and it has been going well so far.

Tip #1 for interactive notebooks - Teach a lesson on how to glue with students first!  I found a cut activity on TPT where students practice tracing shapes with different amounts of glue.  Click HERE to check out this awesome resource.

Tip #2 for interactive notebooks - Use Tidy Tubs for the garbage.  Even though we did a ton of cut and paste activities this week, my room was always relatively clean.  The tubs made this process super easy.  I also used cute labels found on TPT.  Click HERE to get the labels.


Apple Experiment Update - Last week we began our experiment to see what happens when we all touch the apple without having washed our hands first.  This group was more freaked out than any other group I have had in the past.  Since do our follow up a week later, I have had to establish new rules on the use of hand sanitizer.  Suddenly many of my students have their own personal stores!  At least they want to be clean!

Click the pic to get this experiment with your students.


Social Committee - I finally started a Social Committee at school.  I wanted to have events and other fun times at school but didn't want to set up everything myself.  We had our first meeting this week. We planned our first after school outing - our favorite local pizza place.  Hopefully, we will get a lot of staff.

One activity, we have done for years is Friday breakfast.  If you are interested in starting this with your school, click HERE to check out the Google Doc that I created for my school.


Dollar Store Deals - If you haven't checked out my favorite dollar store deals, click the pic below to check it out!  It's the first in a 3 week series.  Come back on Tuesday to check our part 2.

Dollar Store Treasures

By the way, I finally explain how I use the Baseball Set!

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  1. Oh, that apple experiment sounds gross and informative! I've put the packet on my TPT wish list. I have one students who seems a little bit alarmed by germs, so I'll have to really consider whether the experiment would be too much for him!
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