January 7, 2017

Five for Friday - Happy New Year


Happy New Year!  Happy Belated Five for Friday!  I am glad to be back!

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Most Beautiful  Baby - I have to start off with a pic of the most beautiful baby - my new niece (and soon to be Goddaughter), Addison! 💗


Back to School - Teachers started on Tuesday and students started on Wednesday.  5 more school days until the next day off, but who is counting?


Carousel - We actually did a couple different carousel activities this week.  A carousel activity is one where the teacher sets up papers around the room that the students add thoughts and ideas to.  For example, one carousel activity we did was all about our 2017 goals.  There were posters for reading, math, behavior, and other goals that the students went around and filled out.  It got the students moving and collaborating!


Flashlight Reading - I love this for silent reading times.  Each student got a flashlight and spread out around the room to read their books.  It's amazing how focused they were on the books!


January Writing Prompts - My January Writing Prompts are now available and ready for your students to use.

Daily January Writing Prompts

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