January 14, 2017

Five for Friday


I know that I am late again, but let's blame the full moon and Friday the 13th.

 Check out this week's Five for Friday linky!


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - With Dr. King's birthday coming up Monday, I am reminded of some of my favorite activities that I blogged about last year.  Click HERE to check out all the resources.

This info-graphic was sent to me by Marino Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Illinois.  I plan on printing it out and adding it to our quote posters we are creating.


Testing - I feel like all we did this week was test.  That's probably because that is all we did!  At least it's mostly done (although I have a bunch of make-ups)!  I am pretty happy with their scores!


100 Best Children's Books - Last year, I did the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge.  This year, I am reading the 100 Best Children's Books from Scholastic. (Click the pic for a PDF of this list.)

Here are some of the books I read last week.  Not pictured is the one I finished today, Bridge to Terabithia.  I spent today finishing (and sobbing) it!


Friday the 13th - Surprisingly went well (our Fridays usually do go well) even though we had testing. I only broke one glass but that was at home.  Anyone have any crazy stories?


Fur Babies - I don't have much else to share this week, so I thought I would leave you with a picture of two of my fur babies playing with their new toy.

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