February 11, 2017

Five for Friday


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Valentine's Author's Purpose - I love teaching author's purpose to my students.  One of my favorite activities involved candy hearts.  I give each student a box of them along with an author's purpose card.  They write about the candy hearts based on the author's purpose.  For example, if they get the persuade card, they can write a story that tries to get me to buy the box of candy.  I love the creativity of my students and am looking forward to what they write.  (FYI:  The candy hearts are 4 for $1 at the dollar store.)

If you are interested in snagging your own copy of this activity, click the pic below.

All prepped and ready for Tuesday!

Valentine's Day Gifts - I finally got around to putting gift bags together for my students.  I may have had all the parts since Winter Break, but have been procrastinating putting them together.  They contain pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, and homemade crayons. 

Most of the materials are from the dollar store.  I swear that I keep them in business!  I love making the crayons and they are a hit with my students.  Click the pic to get step-by-step instructions on how to make them.


Book Recommendation of the Week - I always read Grace for President this month.  I love how it encourages girls that they can be president, shows the Electoral College process, and demonstrates the importance of following through with promises.  This book ended up being a 2-day read aloud, because we spent so much time discussing this!  


Mid-Winter Break - I am loving this weekend.  My district gives us a 4 day weekend.  Very relaxing! Yesterday and today I got to spend time with my niece.

I 💜 this face!


Special Sale - I have teamed up with a lot of teacher-authors to run a special on TPT.  Each of us have put up two of our favorite products up for 50% off and one product FREE!  Check out our sale #resourceswelove!

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