February 17, 2017

Five for Friday


 Check out this week's Five for Friday linky!


Favor to Ask - Let me start off by asking all of you a favor...I am working on some new resources for Woman's History Month.  Are you looking for anything in particular to use in your classroom?  Some examples include math resources, close reading, etc.  I can't guarantee that I could get to everything, but I would love to create something to help you out.  Feel free to comment below with your ideas or send me an email at confessionsofafrazzledteacher@yahoo.com.  Thanks in advance!

Compli-mats - I found this cute resource on TPT and couldn't wait to use it with my students.  Here's how I used them:
           * Each student decorated their own heart and put their name on the top of the paper.
           * We then passed the hearts around the room and each wrote something positive about that person.
           * I read through them all to make sure everything was appropriate and gave them to my students.
They were very sweet!  This is the first time I ever used a ready-made sheet.  Normally I cut out a large construction paper heart for each child.  Using these saved me a lot of time!


My favorite moment was when a little boy went to pass out his treats and started with my sweetest girl in class by giving her a special Valentine.  It was too cute!


Longest-Short Week - It may have only been a 4 day work week for me this week, but it was definitely a crazy one...Valentine's Day, PD, and our huge Black History Month Program!


Freebie - It's been awhile since I posted a freebie on TPT, so enjoy!  Click on the pic to download it today!

Black History Addition Freebie

I am working on creating more of these in addition as well as adding subtraction and multiplication.  I will let you know when it's ready.


  1. Girl - I feel ya! These short works are hard! Glad we made it!