February 24, 2017

Five for Friday


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Henry's Freedom Box - My favorite activity this week centered around Henry's Freedom Box.  I had a couple of boxes that they could choose to sit in for a minute to get a small feeling of what Henry must have felt.  It was the first time they showed any empathy during our Black History Month activities!


Game Boards - Do you ever have too many materials and forget some of the things you have?  This happened to me with the game boards I had made.  I finally pulled them out this week and used them for fact practice review in math.  You would have thought this was the Holy Grail of math activities. I told my students that they can make their own boards the next time we had indoor recess.  I have also never seen so many down faces when we had outdoor recess all week (even though it's been in the 60's - unheard of here in the Chicago area in February)!


Dr. Seuss - I have book envy.  My mom created this display for the library at the school she works at. I have requested this too.  Alas, I may actually have to make one myself!  Love it though!  Perfect for Dr. Seuss' birthday!


Fluency Through Music - It's been awhile since I added music to our fluency folders.  This week we added Lean on Me.  Today we are making a musical big book of the song.  I love doing these with my students.  Click HERE to see the entire Fluency in Music Blog Post and get all the songs we have done already formatted for you to use in your classroom.


Black History Month - Finish of Black History Month with a fun review activity.  Check out my task cards highlighting some famous names.  Great wrap-up activity (just one of the many uses)!  Click the pic below to find out how else you can use them!

Black History Task Cards


  1. Love how you tied in those boxes so that the kids could really understand what Henry went through!

    1. It was an amazing lesson! Every year I wanted to do this never got around to getting boxes. This year I realized I had them all along. I use them at the end of the year to pack up my classroom!