September 9, 2017

Week Recap - The Bad and the Good

Week of 9/8/17

With a new school year, I am trying lots of new things!  At the end of the each week, I will share some memorable moments - The Bad and The Good!

Not everything can go as planned!

1. Testing! - This was our third week of school.  I am still testing! I still have individual Lexile testing to do with my entire class. Only problem is that I do not have a proper leveling kit for my class. We are a third-fifth grade building, so we were given a kit for reading levels K-Z.  Unfortunately, level K is too high for my students. I have mandatory testing to complete but improper tools to do this. Oh well, at least whole group testing is finally over.  Maybe I can finally start teaching...

2.  Behavior Issue - I have one girl that is openly defiant.  We are working on it, but I still want to rip my hair out! Our social worker came to observe her and will start seeing her.  I have a dialogue journal with this girl as well.  It's a work in progress.  Two steps forward, one step back.

Okay! Enough negativity! I want to end with some positives!

All is right with the world!

1.  Reading Grant - I was one of the winners of the James Patterson Scholastic Grants!  This means I get $500 and 500 points!  I have already asked my students what sort of books they want.  The list is long and includes Captain Underpants and Minecraft.  I can't keep these books in my library,

Grant for my classroom!

2.  Flashlight Friday - I started this last year and LOVE it!  I pass out the flashlights and we spread out around the classroom and read.  I got most of my flashlights free from Harbor Freight.  They have coupons all the time for free ones.  Luckily my dad loves going there and gets them for me!

Instills the love of reading!

3.  Apple Experiment - I love to do this experiment every year, because it teaches students the importance of washing their hands!  All you need is an apple and 2 plastic bags.  Cut the apple in half. Place one half, untouched, in one bag.  Pass the other apple around the room letting all students touch it. (Best done after recess!) Observe the apples over the next week.

Keeps germs away!

4.  A Visit from Reilly - My former student, Reilly, surprised me with a visit this week.  He read his book to my students and raced them all at recess!  My students LOVE him!  They are so motivated to want to write books like him! I was stapling papers left and right to create books for them.

His book was a hit!

Yes some bad things happened, but some amazing things happened as well!  All in all, it was a great week! I am looking forward to more great ones!

Resources for You
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Finger Flashlights - My students love these because they are different colors. The light from them is also less distracting.

Reilly's Book - In it, he focuses on all that needs to be done in order to be the best football player he can be.  There is an emphasis on working hard in school and doing homework!

Back to School Resource Packet

This has the apple experiment in it.

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