September 22, 2017

Weekly Recap - The Bad and the Good

Here's a quick recap of my week, starting with the Bad but ending with a positive note on the Good.

1.  Grading - On one hand I can say that I have been very good at keeping up with my grading this year.  This would be under The Good category if it wasn't for the second part - putting the grades into our online grade book.  I may have waited until the last minute to put all my grades in this week (last night since progress reports went home today).  Oops...maybe now that I am up-to-date I will keep up with this.  Maybe I am kidding myself and that will never happen! 😃

2.  Being Blindsided - I was very annoyed this week when an aide came to watch my class while I went to an IEP meeting.  This in itself is not bad. However, I was not told of the meeting ahead of time, so I had to scramble to get work the aide could do with my students.  Then in the meeting there was a discussion of comments the student had made the day before that no one told me about.  While the comments were not about anything in my control, they were something I should have known about.  Long story short, I was very annoyed and totally blindsided by the entire experience! I also felt like an idiot! 😡

1.  Donors Choose - Now I didn't get anything funded this week, I did, however, get my thank you packages completed for two different projects.  That's always a huge task, one that I am extremely grateful is done!  (Side Note - While it is time consuming, Donors Choose is definitely worth it!  I highly recommend using them!)

2.   Writers - My class has become OBSESSED with writing their own books!  It makes me happy to see them so engaged.  They are collaborating with each other.  Sometimes one student will write the book while the other illustrates it. Other students have created gimmicks for their stories.  My favorite one was the boy that taped a Sonic the Hedgehog toy to his book about Sonic just because books should come with toys.  My students are constantly trading their stories and writing them anytime they have a free moment.

Just a few of the many books!

3.  Task Cards - We have used task cards already a couple of times.  This week we used them to play Scoot.  I set the task cards around the classroom and my students got to "scoot" from card to card.  It was hilarious watching them.  They got to crawl around the floor which made them happy.  Completing the cards, they were quiet and focused.  It was amazing!  Therefore I have gotten busy creating more task cards this week with a bunch of skills we are working on (more to come).  Click on any pics below to see some task cards that are ready to go.

October Task Card Bundle - 2 and 3 Addition Without Regrouping

So...How was your week?  
What were your good and bad moments?

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