September 29, 2017

Weekly Recap - The Good and the Bad

Here's a quick recap of my week, starting with the Bad but ending with a positive note on the Good.

1.  Falling Behind - I took my first sick day of the year on Tuesday.  I also had last minute meetings after school Wednesday and Thursday.  Since then I have been falling farther and farther behind on my paperwork!  I stayed after school 3 hours today trying to catch up.  I am almost there!  

2.  Routine Change - As I said above, I took a sick day Tuesday.  Going back the rest of the week, it was like my students had never been to school before! We had to spend a lot of time reviewing procedures and practicing routines.  It made for a long week!

1.  Scholastic - Got my first order from Scholastic this year.  I used part of my grant from Scholastic and James Patterson.  I am super excited to get these in my library!

2.  Coworkers - I love my coworkers!  They are awesome!  The list of reasons is endless.  Hopefully your coworkers are great too!

3.  New Student Checklist - I don't know about you, but it is a pain getting a new student.  I got a new student last week and one this week.  I have, however, gotten smarter over the years.  I have desks ready with all the books for new students. I also have giant envelopes filled with all the initial testing I have to give students. Best of all, I just completed a checklist for myself with EVERYTHING I could think of that I need to get done when I get a new student. I thought of things like specific testing to things like putting the students up on our birthday chart.  Now I can make sure I don't forget anything.  Click HERE to get a copy for your Google Drive.  You can then modify it however you wish.

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