October 13, 2017

Weekly Recap - The Good and the Bad

Here's a quick recap of my week, starting with the Bad but ending with a positive note on the Good.

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This was a rough week for my school, probably one of the hardest ones since I started.  There were staff issues resulting in a teacher being let go, a repeat theft of car parts of a staff member's car, as well as the day to day issues of a school.  The hardest parts of this week, though, were hearing of a suicide of a former student and the death of a coworker.  Such a sad week... 

With all the negative issues at school this week, it's hard to find the good, but I will try.  

1.  Small groups - My small groups are in full gear.  These include Guided Reading groups as well as math groups.  We have spent a lot of time troubleshooting any/all issues that may cause the students to need help when not in my group.  This has made a HUGE difference in the number of problems students have.  

I also am enjoying our signal of when students can ask questions. We use a Himalayan Salt Lamp when I am working with Guided Reading Groups and a Lava Lamp when I work with math groups.  When they are on, the students know they can't ask me questions.  I like them, because they are fun!

                Himalayan Salt Lamp                          Lava Lamp                

2.  While not school related, I completed a CPR and First Aid Course this week. I am excited to be certified.  While I have been CPR trained in the past, I felt as if these courses have prepared me more than I have ever been before. 

Now I must go to sleep.  I signed up for an EdCamp tomorrow.  I am both excited and exhausted by the thought of it!  

I hope your week was better! Have a great weekend!

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