November 10, 2017

Weekly Recap - The Good and the Bad

I am not going to sugar coat things. I was definitely a frazzled teacher this week! Some weeks are like that! I hope your week was better!

1.  My students were bouncing off the walls this week! I took Thursday off in order to recover from the exhaustion.  It still wasn't enough.  All I want to do now is sleep! 

2.  The fire/safety inspection is coming up soon.  We had the preliminary walk through this week (first of many) by various administration team members.  We hate this time of year! Passing the inspection is not the goal of our district - getting 100% on the inspection is the goal. (Please note that I am all about the safety of my students! Our district demands are a bit unreasonable though. For  example, a cabinet that has been in the same position since before I was in this classroom is now unsafe in the position it is in.)

1.  I am all caught up on my grading (even inputting everything into the computer)! This is a rare occurrence, so I had to brag!

2.  We made a flag as one of our Veteran's Day activities for the week. I love making this with my students. It's a great following directions/team building activity.

How was your week?  
What was good and bad for you?

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