December 1, 2017

Weekly Recap - The Good and the Bad

This week went fast, but it was a tough one! I had some kids that had HUGE meltdowns this week! I am definitely ready for the weekend!

I felt like I was back at the beginning of the school year with the meltdowns I experienced this week! Here are some examples:

* I walked into breakfast to pick up my students on Thursday to find one girl in the corner. She put herself there. This girl becomes mute and stares through you when she is upset by something. After 5 minutes trying to get through to her, I had to go to class. The social worker took over. It took her 45 minutes one-on-one to get her to come to class. Want to know what set her off? She was upset she doesn't get to go to day care.

* One boy had HUGE separation issues ALL week long! He gets services for MTSS and Bilingual which means he has to leave the room two times everyday. Each time he would burst into tears and try hiding to get out of leaving. It took a lot of coaxing for him to leave.

1.  I started December off with a fun STEM activity - Building a Paper Chain. Each group got a sheet of red and green construction paper. They also got 12 inches of masking tape. They had to design the longest paper chain they could. Our winning group had a 71 inch chain. It's now hanging on our Christmas tree (I will take a picture of it next week if I can remember!).

Our materials

A work in progress...

2.  My library was bursting at the seams! I needed a new bookshelf for all my new books, so my students wrote cards begging my dad to build a new shelf for us. My students were persuasive because we got a new shelf! (No pics because I was out of it this week!)

3.  We started a month long Kindness Challenge today. Each day my students are challenged to complete an activity that promotes kindness to others. Today we wrote cards for the cafeteria staff. My students are super excited to complete all their tasks!

How was your week?  
What was good and bad for you?


  1. Nice job on starting the Kindness missions! We are starting on Tuesday. The month of December is exhausting, but fun! :)

    1. I love the Kindness missions! It's been fun watching the students take their missions seriously!