December 8, 2017

Weekly Recap - The Good and the Bad

Another week in the books! This year is going too fast! I can't believe we are down to two weeks before break (although I mentally need it)!

Meetings bite! This week I had about 4 hours in meetings! No wonder I was so exhausted each night!

1.  Staff Giveaways - This week we started daily prizes for the staff that have contributed to our social fund. It has been a fun way to get our staff enthusiastic about the holidays! I am looking forward to our other staff events this month - ugly sweater day, coloring contest, Secret Santa, and a cookie exchange!

Simple gifts show the staff that someone cares.

The staff choose a prize from this bag! The bag is actually huge.

2.  This bulletin board makes me so happy! It's full of lots of activities from different subjects. We traced our hands and cut them out as a following directions/community building activity for our tree.  The students did a dot-to-dot for the star. It had the students counting by 25's to review counting quarters. The chains are from our STEM activity last week. The light ornaments go along with our Kindness Challenge - students had to give examples of kindness. The presents are my favorite. They open up to a writing assignment where students stated what they would be if they were a gift. 

I admit that I never planned to make this bulletin board. I was going to put up boring math sheets. However, my students asked for something they could work on together (as we previously had a class flag up from Veteran's Day). I feel like I should think about a community bulletin board each month now. Maybe...

3. Our Kindness Challenge today brought us over to Kindergarten to read them stories. My favorite student reaction was from the boy that was disappointed not to know ahead of time, because he would have written a book for them. We quickly rectified that problem. I gave students time to practice reading their chosen stories (or writing them 😀)! It was sweet watching them read their books to the Kindergarten students (and gifting the stories they had written)!

The best way to practice our books and write stories is with the Christmas lights on and the "fireplace" going!

How was your week?  
What was good and bad for you?

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