February 2, 2018

Weekly Recap - The Good and the Bad

February is finally here! I didn't think this would ever happen! January was the LONGEST month ever even though it was shorter than usual with our winter break. This week, in particular, was a rough one! I am glad it is over.

Crazy Things Students Say/Do (Some of my favorites. I felt like I was going to need to be institutionalized this week!):

    Student: Are you angry with me?
    Me: Why would you think I am angry with you?
    Student: Because I jumped out the window. (I teach on the second floor. Why would he think he jumped out the window?)

    Student: Oh my gosh! I have a hole in my nose!
    Me: You have two holes. They are called nostrils.

     Me: It is rude to sniff people. (Sadly, it had to be said multiple times this week - to the same child!)

   Student: You need a man. Do you want me to get you one?

   Student: It's Groundhog Day! That's when the beaver sees his shadow.

This was a crazy week! It didn't help that my student with the most emotional needs had a super off week! He drove me nuts!

New Girl - Normally getting a new student can be nerve-racking and let's face it (at this point in the school year), it's mostly problem students transferring. When our school secretary called my room and said, "Congratulations, it's a girl!" I wasn't sure how to feel. My new student, however, is a model student. I want to clone her!

Testing - While this was last week, I have to share my happy news (just too lazy to post last week)! We had an IEP meeting for one of my students last Wednesday. She qualifies for lots of services! I am so excited that she will finally be receiving more help than I can provide (speech, OT, etc.). I also convinced the mom of my emotional boy to sign the paperwork to test her son. From what I was told, the district has been trying to get her to sign for the past few years. This is a positive step to getting the students everything they need!

How was your week?  
What was good and bad for you?


  1. The bad turned good:
    I am lecturing my students that "I do not come here everyday just to stand up front and be beautiful! I come here to TEACH.."
    Student pipes up, "And be beautiful!"
    Well...yes! :)

  2. Comments like these definitely help your self-esteem! Love it!