February 16, 2018

Weekly Recap - The Good and the Bad

This week started off with a nice bonus - off for Lincoln's birthday! It ended with an ice cream party! Not too bad...

School Assembly - We had our annual Black History Program yesterday. I love the idea of this but hate that it is two hours long! Many of my students do not have the stamina to sit this long (I don't have the stamina either). It was torture for them and me. One boy could not make it. Thank goodness there was a teacher sitting in the back without a class that was able to take him! I really wish they would limit the performances. My students would be more engaged, and I wouldn't go crazy!

What is that Smell? - On Tuesday I picked up my students from gym and my eyes started watering instantly! There was a definite funk! I think this is the earliest I ever had to have a hygiene conversation with my students. Today, when we had gym again, I sprayed my classroom with air freshener before picking up my students. That helped a bit!

Blubber Experiment - We did my favorite penguin related experiment to test why blubber helps keep penguins warm. I filled one bag with Crisco. Then we put another bag inside to keep our hands from getting dirty/greasy. We then placed our hands in ice water to feel the differences in temperature.

Ice Cream Party - My students brought in the most canned food during the collection our school had back in December. They won an ice cream party from the district. After numerous emails, texts, and in person conversations, my students FINALLY got their ice cream party. I told my students back when we won not to ask me when the party would be, since I was not the one in charge (I knew it would be a long wait). My students honored that but became passive-aggressive about the ice cream. My favorite comments were the ones like this: "I wish I was able to have ice cream today. Ice cream would taste so good right now." At least it is finally over!

Now I am off to enjoy a three-day weekend! Thank you President's Day!

How was your week?  
What was good and bad for you?

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