February 23, 2018

Weekly Recap - The Good and the Bad

This week was an extremely short week for me. On Monday I was off for President's Day and yesterday I took a sick day. It was still a busy week though!

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Weird Students - I have mentioned some odd behavior in the past, but this week I had some students that were exceptionally weird.  These are my favorites!
   * First off is my little boy that wanted to be a fox at the beginning of the year. He still wants to be a fox. This was evidenced by the new coat he got. It's trimmed with faux fur. He started whining about taking it off because it was like scraping his skin off. Today was the first day he actually took his coat off without incident!
   * Another boy decided he was going to be a superhero this week and wore a sweatshirt tied around his neck as a cape. Unfortunately flying did not work out so well as he belly-flopped on the floor a few times.
Presentations - I got an email saying the team I am on was 'chosen to present' at next week's half-day pd. Did I mention I have never been on this team? I still get the pleasure of coming up with a mini presentation in my spare time (I don't know when) and speaking in front of the entire district. (Can you sense the sarcasm in my voice? 😡)

Being Sick - I woke up yesterday at 4 feeling sick to my stomach. This then led to an hour of debating about whether to call in sick. After this long deliberation, I decided to take it off and wrote out sub plans and emailed them to my coworker (Thanks Sandy!). While I never got really sick, I did need the rest I got during the day. I went back today to none of the detailed plans that I wrote being completed. I love typing out plans in detail at 5 in the morning for nothing! 

Henry's Freedom Box - First of all, I LOVE this book! While it's extremely sad, it does have a happy ending. Let me explain: Henry grows up in slavery. He meets a woman and they get married and have kids. His family gets sold. Henry realizes he will never see them again, so he decides to escape by mailing himself up north. This is based on a true story.

After reading the story, I had my students take turns spending one minute in a box, so they could put themselves in Henry's place. (Don't worry, we are very strict about safety!) Every student chose to participate and only one student wanted out of the box early. This led to a great discussion and writing in our journals. 

As you can see, I got the large boxes from Walmart. These were the perfect size for my third graders. I think larger ones would be needed for older students.

Student Offices - For a while, I have been working on making student offices for my students and now they are finally finished!. These boards are from the dollar store and were cut in half (Thanks Dad!). I covered them all in duct tape, because the edges get a bit sharp once they are cut. 

Tips: I found that one roll covers three half boards (with a tiny bit to spare). Duck Tape holds better that generic. I have a ton of generic that is pretty useless!

My students ask to get one when they want privacy or at least a little extra space away from other students. 

An example of an office in use.

I store all of the office in a rectangular laundry basket I found at Walmart. Side note: If I don't get something from Amazon, I find it at Walmart! This basket holds thirty boards with a little room to spare! Also, since I am a neat freak, I gave a student the job of making sure they were organized at the end of the day. Luckily she is as much of a neat freak as I am - this girl pulls out all of the boards and makes sure they are facing the same way!

Research Excitement - My school has a Black History question each day. This led us to learn how to do a search on Google to find the answers. To add to this, I added a question of the day in our own room. I give them clues and they have to use them to find who the person is. They really enjoy this! It has also bettered their searches.

If you are interested in these cards, click the pic above or below to see them in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Black History Task Cards

I guess that's it for me. I hope you had a great week! Enjoy your weekend!

How was your week?  
What was good and bad for you?

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