March 2, 2018

Weekly Recap - The Good and the Bad

Not going to lie...after multiple four day weeks, it was really tough to have a five day one! I am exhausted!

Mean Students - My group this year has been pretty kind to each other...until this week. I have no idea what was in the air, but the meanness was ridiculous! There was name calling, excluding students from activities, etc. 

      Another example of this was when a boy read a book he wrote that include Evil Student A and Evil Student B (insert their names in the book). Both students were offended at being called evil. Student A said she wasn't evil, she was rude. Student B said she wasn't evil, she was just mean.  

      On the plus side, check out The Good (later in the post) to at least see our positive resolution to our meanness.

Parenting a Parent - I had a mini conference with one of the mean girls' parents this week. She told me she was overwhelmed by her daughter's behavior and didn't know what to do with her anymore. It turns out she never thought about taking away her daughter's phone or tablet. After our talk, she will try this new strategy with her. Ummmmmm....really? I kind of thought taking away privileges was Parenting 101. Am I missing something?

Mean Students Resolution - After the meanness reached an all time ridiculous level during gym, we had to meet on the carpet for a little heart-to-heart. At the conclusion, my students had to consider the people they owed apologies. Before heading back to their seats, they apologized. (We practiced how to say it and mean it first!) It was really sweet to hear the apologies and see the hugs (I was shocked when they added this to the apologies.) from my students. I know that I will have to keep an eye on their behaviors toward each other in the future, so we can curtail more issues.

Calming Dragon - I have heard about how great weighted vests and blankets are with students that have certain issues. I wanted to make my own modified weighted item. For this I used a dog toy (strange I know). I have one student in particular that definitely needs it. It lays across his lap and helps him to be still and focus. My goal is to make a few more to have for students that may need this. (I will share the steps I took to make this in an upcoming blog post.)

Our Calming Dragon

My Favorite Comment - As I was putting things into my car after school, a lady was walking by down the street. She asked if I was teacher in the school. When I said yes, she replied, "God bless you!" This cracked me up then and now!

How was your week?  
What was good and bad for you?

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