June 21, 2018

Make It Thursday - Mini Offices

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

This week I am walking you step-by-step through making mini offices. I made a class set this past school year. They still look brand new! My students love them...and I do too!

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What are mini offices?

These are little partitions that offer students privacy when working. You can spend a small fortune buying pre-made ones or spend a little time making your own at a fraction of the cost!

Where to find the materials?

Project Boards - I got mine from Dollar Tree. This is my favorite dollar store since everything is actually $1. FYI - They deliver! Click the pic of the board to go to their website and get them there.
Trifold Presentation Boards
Duct Tape - I covered the edges of all my board with Duct Tape because they can be sharp. Note: I only like actual Duck Tape brand duct tape because I found it sticks better than generic brands.

How do I make these?

1. Cut the boards in half. If you have a saw, feel free to use it. I was lucky enough to have a handy dad that did this for me. You can also use an X-acto knife to cut these in half.

2. Cover the edges with duct tape. I found one roll of duct tape covers about 3 boards.

3. Store your boards in a laundry bin. I found an awesome one from Walmart.

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

What are some alternatives/extensions?

A cheaper version of this is taking two file folders and taping/stapling together. These are flimsy and fall apart easily. However, a huge plus with them is that your students can decorate their own and keep them in their desks. I used this method for years but got sick of making them, having them fall over, and the way they just looked ratty in a short period of time.

By making mini offices, you can also make handy resources for students to access. For example, you can create a math office with a hundreds chart, number line, multiplication chart, vocabulary words, etc. By making them into an office, you can fold them up and move them where they are needed.

What things would you like to make on Thursdays with me?

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