July 30, 2018

Monday Summer Book Club - Unshakeable Chapters 13 and 14

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

Have you heard the news? We are doing a book club this summer! Our Facebook Group voted on Unshakeable by Angela Watson. 

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This week we are reading Chapters 13 and 14. These chapters focus on "building in periods of rest and downtime throughout your day" as well as "constructing a self-running classroom that frees you to teach."

Get your copy now! Our book discussion has officially started, but feel free to join in any time!

Below are the questions that are in our Facebook Group. 

Chapter 13 Questions - Everybody needs periods of rest throughout the day. This goes for the teachers AND the students. I love how this chapter takes away the guilt of sitting at the desk for 10 minutes! At times, we all need this!

Question 1 - How do you currently build periods of rest in your classroom for yourself? Can you increase these periods?

Question 2 - What can you do to build periods of rest for your students?

Chapter 14 Questions - Teachers cannot do EVERYTHING themselves! Your classroom will run more smoothly if you can set it up to run by itself. Some examples of this include 3 Before Me and talking less so student talk more!

Question 1 - What routines do you already have in place so that your classroom is 'self-running?'

Question 2 - What strategies can you try to help make your classroom run more smoothly in the future?

There is no right or wrong answer. Please feel free to be candid about your responses. If you would like, answer them in the comments below or join our Facebook Group (click on the words or search Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher Book Club). The Facebook Group is a private, closed group (for those of you that want a more close knit group for the discussion). Either way you would like to participate, I hope to hear from you!

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