November 9, 2018

Weekly Recap - The Good and the Bad

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

This week was much calmer than last in some ways and just as crazy in others!

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

Rounding - My students did so well on the rounding unit, like better than any class I have ever had well. Unfortunately, we have not reviewed it for awhile. This week we had to do rounding as part of a strategy for addition. It was like we never covered rounding before. Note to self: Make sure to add review rounding on a regular basis (like once a week) on top of everything else!

Rough Start - This week started off extremely rough! Before I even picked my students up on Monday, the office called my room saying there was a parent there. The parent told me that in the after school club on Friday, another boy threatened to get a group of boys to beat up her son. All the boys were in my class. After the meeting, I went to pick up my students only to find out there was an assembly starting at 9. I'm not even going to go into the mess of that assembly! What a way to start the week! 

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

Fact and Opinion - While rounding was just Bad, Fact and Opinion were definitely Good! We have been spending a few minutes each day doing a couple of task cards (for a couple of weeks) on Fact and Opinion each day. This week, it was like a light bulb finally went on! They got it! 

Turkeys Fact and Opinion Task Cards
Next week, I am using the Turkeys Fact and Opinion Task Cards. I am super excited to get to these, because I am obsessed with the turkey clip art! 
(Click the pic to get your own set.)

Adorable Students - I had two students that were extra sweet this week. Today, during the awards ceremony, one girl was so excited to receive Perfect Attendance. She never got an award before and her mama was going to be so proud! She was ecstatic! One of my boys was super sweet too. He's a great kid to begin with. This week he ended with asking to add prizes to the treasure chest. I glanced at his addition - Pokemon cards. He is the most considerate child! I love that I actually had a couple student positives this week!

How was your week?
What was good and bad for you?

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