January 11, 2019

Weekly Recap: The Good and the Bad

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

This week marked my first back this year. I definitely am in need of sleep! It's so easy to get off of a schedule. Before I get into the recap, have you checked out the blog post Getting Students to Follow Directions? I share some of my favorite tips...and I definitely made use of them this week!

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

School Mini Disaster - Yesterday, or sister school (on the same campus) had a carbon monoxide leak to start the day. I walked into school only to find out that my students were coming to my classroom for breakfast since the students from the other building were going to use our gym/lunchroom. There went my 35 minutes of settling in for the day! Luckily the all clear from the gas company and fire department came early enough for them to return to school and not double our class sizes for the day. It still made for an exhausting, crazy start to the day.

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

Empathy - This week, I was amazed at my students empathy towards each other. My high achieving students were going out of their way to help those that definitely needed the help (without being asked)! They were not like this before break. It was such a nice change of pace!

All Caught Up - I feel like I am missing something but lesson plans are done, papers are graded, and grades were put in the computer. I also got some nagging projects done. I even stayed less time at school than I normally do. I wish I knew how I did this.  I will enjoy it though because I know it may not last!

How was your week?
What was good and bad for you?

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