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September 13, 2016

Dollar Store Treasures - Part 3

Dollar Store Treasures - Part 3


Brain Sprinkles

Brain Sprinkles - I love how third graders are able to believe in this!  I took a sugar shaker from the dollar store and filled it with rice and glitter.  I taped the the underside of the lid so nothing ever comes out.  When we are testing, I shake the Brain Sprinkles over their heads.  Of course this makes them smarter when testing!


Tidy Tubs - I have written how I have been working on interactive notebooks this year,  This creates a ton of scraps that could trash my classroom.  Instead, my students take a tub to their group and throw their scraps away in here.  I still have a clean room!  FYI - I found the cute labels on TPT.


Read Aloud Voting

Read Aloud Voting - One of my favorite ideas from nErD Camp is voting for your read aloud.  I found these cute mini bins that match my Tidy Tubs.  I read them a chapter from each read aloud selection and the students voted for the one they want to hear me read.  I love how this lets the students have ownership in our reading.  (It was a close race, but my students chose Pirates Past Noon.)


Manipulative Storage - While my manipulatives are in sad need of new labels, they work well for storage.  These containers are perfect for storing and stacking.


Student Birthdays

Birthday Bags - Click the pic above to check out how I use the birthday bag to celebrate student birthdays.

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  1. The dollar store <3 <3 <3 My favorite is DOLLAR TREE...way better than the expensive 'teacher stores' that are out there!