Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday - July

Vacation #1 - Michigan!  Tomorrow, I climb this beast!  It's my annual tradition. Then, I can hang out at the beach! I can't wait!

Look closely at my grandma's ears!  We spent the day together.  What did she want to do?  She wanted to get her ears pierced.  Yes!  I took my 94 year-old grandma to get her ears pierced!

Love my new jewelry I ordered off of Etsy.  I am obsessed with Etsy!  Too bad I didn't order them before the NKOTB concert last month.  At least now I am ready when they come back to town!

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Freebie - Rewards with QR Codes

Rewards with QR Codes

I love using QR Codes!  Last week's freebie was QR codes for a listening center.  This week's freebie changes things up a bit. The QR Codes are rewards you give the students.

What are QR Codes?
QR Codes are a type of bar code that you scan.  This will either give you words (like an answer to a question) or take you to a website (only a couple uses for them).  They are free to make with websites like QRStuff. (In case you want to play around with your own QR Codes, click QRStuff to check out the site I use.)  Download a free QR Scanner on your phone, iPad, Kindle, etc. to read the codes.

Freebie Time
I made many different cards that you can use to reward your students. I cut them out, laminated them, and stuck them in a bag. From time to time, I reward my students by having them pull out a QR Code that they scan. Then students get the prize!  Some prizes include pencils, extra recess, etc.  Click on the pics below to get your own.
Rewards with QR Codes Rewards with QR Codes

Monday, July 10, 2017

Made It Monday - VIP/Star Student?Superhero Student Basket

Do you have a Star Student in your class?  A VIP?  Superhero?  Each year, I have something a little different.  I haven't had a VIP...until now.  This year I will have a VIP basket in my classroom for my VIPs!

VIP/Star Student/Superhero Student Basket

To Make:
1.  Gather supplies - Caddy and lots of FUN school supplies!  I went to dollar store and get a giant pencil, fun pencil sharpeners, erasers, rulers, markers, a pen with the all the different colors (I couldn't resist as I was reminded of my childhood!), etc.
2.  Print off a label for the front - based on your theme.  Click on any of the pics below to get your copy.

3.  That's it!  All you need is a certificate to give to your students when you use the basket.

To Use:
Like everything else, use it the way you want.  Some people may want to choose a student each week to highlight.  Others may want to use this as a special prize as needed.  I plan on making this a treasure chest prize.  I have a treasure chest that students get to pick from on Fridays for great behavior. There are a variety of prizes that students could choose from.  This basket will be one of the prizes.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Freebie - QR Codes for Storyline Online

I am obsessed with Storyline Online!  If you are not familiar, it is by the Screen Actors'Guild.  They have lots of actors/actresses reading popular (and not so well known) books.  These stories are great filler activities.  They are also awesome to play when you lose your voice (I may know this from experience!).  I usually play a story when my students have fruits and vegetables. (Our school provides them.  It's messy, so we can't really do anything else.) 

On to the freebie...
I made these cards for a listening center, as we have Kindles in our classroom.  They include my 4 favorite stories - A Bad Case of Stripes, Thank You, Mr. Falker, Enemy Pie, and The Kissing Hand. Click the pic below to download your copy.

 QR Codes for Storyline Online

Monday, July 3, 2017

Made It Monday - Making Memories (A Classroom Activity)

Have you ever seen the cute pins of people keeping track of all their special memories during the year and then reading through them on New Year's Eve?  Am I the only one?  Are you thinking that I must be nuts? (By now, you should know that I am. 😃)  Seriously, this activity is based on a personal pin I saw on Pinterest.  Let me explain...

Classroom Memories Container

To Make:
1.  I bought a container from Walmart.  I found it in the kitchen section.  
2.  Cut a hole in the top (optional).  I had my dad do this for me (much handier than I am)!
3.  Label the front and put a pocket in the back (I used a library book pocket).
4.  Put forms in the pocket.

To Use:
This is up to you!  I plan on making it an end of the day ritual with my students. As a class at first, then helpers of the day, write something memorable or just something about the day.  These will add up.

At the end of the school year, reread the entries.  Fun to review the special (sometimes forgotten) moments throughout the year.

To get your own free Classroom Memories download, click the pic below. Please note: This will bring you to a bunch of other freebies for you too!