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August 7, 2018

7 Ways to Get Your Donors Choose Project Funded

7 Ways to Get Your Donors Choose Project Funded

I Love using Donors Choose! I have been using it for a few years...successfully. There is definitely a difference between using Donors Choose successfully and unsuccessfully. 

When I first started, I barely had any projects funded. Then I tried a few things and my projects have been filled on a regular basis. Below are my top 7 ways to get your project funded. 

7 Ways to Get Your Project Funded

1. Post Your Project!

Post your project on Facebook or Twitter (or even send an email to people). At the bottom of your project, there is always the option to share it with others. Even if you are shy about asking friends and family, think about how this is benefiting your students, not just you. 

If you ask others to share your post too, it will help get your name out there. I have been given a lot of donations by friends of friends. People are generous; they just need a cause to get behind!
Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

2.  Newbie Bonus!

If you are new to Donors Choose, you get a bonus! During the first week of your project, you are issued a special code which allows all your donations to be doubled. Keep in mind, people do need to put this code in on the checkout page for it to work. This is definitely helpful if you know family or friends will donate. Your project will definitely get a HUGE boost in the beginning when it has the ability to make the most impact.

3.  Keep it Small!

Keep your projects small - about $200. It's easy to get carried away and keep requesting tons of things. It's difficult to get large projects funded, especially for beginners. With matching offers, a $200 project has the chance to get funded within days.

4.  Matching Donations!

Look for projects that have matching donations. Since I have created so many projects, I am no longer eligible for the first week matching donations. There is a spot, however, that does have donations if you know how to find it.
On the projects screen, scroll down and look at the left side. Click on Match Offers. 
Put in your state in the blank and see what pops up. I have used this information to write projects for things that I need that automatically was doubled with these offers.

5.  Be Prepared!

Always have a project going! Throughout the year, there are people/businesses that will flash fund or match projects (especially around Teacher Appreciation Month). Now is the perfect opportunity to create a project! Usually there is a Back to School match that comes up mid August...Hint! Hint!

6. Thank You!

Thank your donors. Instead of waiting only until the end of your project to thank donors, write a thank you after each donation. A little personal touch definitely entices people to want to donate more!

7. Add Personal Touches!

When writing your project, definitely personalize it. Really get people to feel an emotional connection to your class through your story. A great picture definitely helps with this. I personally have a bunch of students holding up letters that say Thank You!

If you still want more, Donors Choose Tips and Tricks, sign up for my monthly email ONLY about Donors Choose! Each month, I will send you information on something to do with Donors Choose. When you sign up, you'll get these 7 Ways to Get Your Donors Choose Project Funded sent to you in an easy to access PDF. 

Creating a successful Donors Choose project can be easy...if you know what you are doing! This blog post shares 7 easy to follow tips and tricks in creating your own Donors Choose project. Help your students get all the resources they need to make this school year the most successful one ever! #confessionsofafrazzledteacher #teachers #donorschoose {Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Teachers}

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