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July 14, 2017

Friday Freebie - Rewards with QR Codes

Rewards with QR Codes

I love using QR Codes!  Last week's freebie was QR codes for a listening center.  This week's freebie changes things up a bit. The QR Codes are rewards you give the students.

What are QR Codes?
QR Codes are a type of bar code that you scan.  This will either give you words (like an answer to a question) or take you to a website (only a couple uses for them).  They are free to make with websites like QRStuff. (In case you want to play around with your own QR Codes, click QRStuff to check out the site I use.)  Download a free QR Scanner on your phone, iPad, Kindle, etc. to read the codes.

Freebie Time
I made many different cards that you can use to reward your students. I cut them out, laminated them, and stuck them in a bag. From time to time, I reward my students by having them pull out a QR Code that they scan. Then students get the prize!  Some prizes include pencils, extra recess, etc.  Click on the pics below to get your own.
Rewards with QR Codes Rewards with QR Codes


  1. I love using QR codes in the classroom, and this is such a great way to use them! A nice surprise when they scan them.