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August 16, 2018

Make It Thursday - A "Bookshelf"

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

I am not asking you to go out and make a real bookshelf out of wood today. Instead, today's Make It Thursday involves making a paper bookshelf like the one below.

My bookshelf is right outside our classroom (not enough room inside the classroom). Anytime a child goes out the door, they see it. It's also awkward to take a better picture because the door automatically closes on me.

Why Should I Make a Bookshelf?

Having a classroom bookshelf is another way to encourage reading with your students. I use my bookshelf to hold all the books we have read together during the school year. Other teachers may want their students to write books they have read or books they recommend to their classmates. No matter how you use this shelf, students are encouraged to want to read more books!

How Do I Make a Bookshelf?

1. Hang up a dark paper (navy was the only available color for me) as your background.

2. Use a border for the outside edging of the bookshelf as well as individual shelves. I have happy children as my border. Little books would also make a great border.

3. Cut different color strips of construction paper in various widths and lengths. This will help them look more like the spines of books.

4. Assign different students to write the titles of the books as well as decorate them to add to the bookshelf. You may want to do them the first week, so students can see your expectations.

Enjoy watching your bookshelves grow with books during the school year! It's a great place for students to check out when they need a book recommendation or encouragement in seeing how much has already been read.

What things would you like to make on Thursdays with me?

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