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August 1, 2018

Wednesday Organization - Teacher Toolkit

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a handy gal! There are times, however, where I do need some tools. For example, I need a screwdriver for battery operated classroom games, a tape measure for obvious reasons (but also used in math lessons), or a hammer to fix a bookshelf. Luckily, my dad made a toolkit for me. Today, I will share what he included for me as well as some must have items I have added over the years. 

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Materials Needed:

* Tool Bag - Only big enough to hold needed items.

* Hammer

* Nails

* Screws

* Screwdriver (I like ones with different bits. This allows me to find the one that will fit any screw that I need.)

* Tape Mesure

* Pliers (Very Important!)

* Level (Make those posters even!)

**** Make it easy on yourself and just get a ready made kit like this:


You never know when an opportunity will come up when you need your tools. I keep mine in a locked cabinet and pull them out as needed! I definitely use them when unpacking my classroom each year. I have also used them in an emergency...the principal and maintenance staff used them when another classroom door was locked and wouldn't open. My tools were handy while the maintenance tools were not. I cannot count the times this kit has come in handy.

Advanced Users:

If you already have a tool kit or are just advanced, I would take it to a new level and add a sewing kit.

This is the kit that I have. I have actually done quite a few sewing projects in my classroom. I have mended buttons on students sweaters, sewed up holes in book bags, and have used the needles to help me remove splinters from students' fingers (I do sanitize them.). It's amazing how being organized with these materials ready to go really helps a teacher in a jam.

What do you need help organizing in your classroom?

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