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December 4, 2018

Student Gift Ideas

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

It's tough thinking about gifts for students...especially if your brain is already on Winter Break! To help you out, I compiled a list of gift ideas that won't break the bank! (Please Note: There are some Amazon affiliate links. Making a purchase through here will cost you nothing extra but will earn me a small commission.)

1. Scholastic Books - I usually buy books throughout the year and let students choose the one they want to read. In the past, I would buy a classroom set of a great title. Unfortunately, this won't appeal to all of your students. That's why I like having an assortment of books. Scholastic also lets you buy gift coupons which lets students pick out books for free.

2. Personalized Clipboards work well for crafty teachers (or teachers that have access to a Cricut). These clipboards come out to about $1.00 each from Amazon and saves you a trip to the dollar store. Once you get the clipboards, label them with each child's name.

3. Dollar Store Treats - I love the dollar store! This year, I found snowman pencil sharpeners, pencils, and cute erasers to add to my gift. Since these come in multi-packs, they are pretty reasonable.

4. Personalized Bookmarks - These are fast and easy to make if you have a template. There are tons of cute borders/fonts/clip art available for free on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you don't have a template or aren't technology inclined, I have made a set that are easy to use. Click the pic below to see this in my store.

5. Glitter/Slime - You can be adventurous and make your own or get some from Amazon.

6. Make Your Own Crayons - This is a personal favorite of mine. I collect broken crayons all year long from my students and recycle them into seasonal crayons for each holiday.

Here's how to make the crayons.

1.  Get a Silicone Mold - This makes it easy to remove the crayons when they are cool. (Buy only one of these and use them again and again each year.) 


This year, I am making present shaped crayons.  In the past, I have made Santa hats and Christmas trees. I just can't find what I did with those molds. 

2.  Remove Labels - Peel the labels off of broken crayons.  This is an excellent job for students!

3.  Color Coordinate Crayons - While it would seem amazing to have an assortment of different colors together, fight the urge!  It will look like an ugly shade of poop!  Choose colors that coordinate nicely together and place them in the molds.

4.  Bake the Crayons - Bake the crayons at 230 degrees.  If you use Crayola crayons, they usually melt in about 15 minutes.  Rose Art crayons take a lot longer - 20-25 minutes.  If you find the crayons are not melting completely, break up the chunks with a toothpick.

5.  Wait - Let the crayons completely cool before removing them.  I usually let them sit overnight to make sure they are really done.  Then pop out and give away.

I hope you have something in mind to give your students. It doesn't need to be large or expensive. I think it's important to give students something that shows that you care.

What are you getting your students? 

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