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January 22, 2019

Groundhog Day: Activities and Resources for Your Classroom

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I love Groundhog Day! There's no particular reason why. It's just a fun day, unless that awful groundhog sees his shadow and I am stuck with six more weeks of winter! 😀 Below are some of my favorite activities for Groundhog Day.

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If you have read any of my blog posts, you would probably realize that books are my number one priority when organizing any lesson! My favorite Groundhog Day books include:


Groundhog Gets a Say technically takes place the day after Groundhog Day. It cracks me up each time I read it. There are tons of great facts in the book! As for Groundhog Day!, it's a Gail Gibbons book. I love her books. They are also full of great information for kids.

Websites to Visit:

Punxsutawny Phil - There is a teacher feature on here that lets you find lesson plans by grade level. You can also look up all past predictions. While there are some activities on here for students, I would recommend that teachers only use this when planning their lessons.

Groundhog Website for Kids - There are links for printable worksheets and online games for your students. This is great for your students to go on, but teachers may want to check it out before the kids do.

Activities with Your Students:

Groundhog Day is a great time to make predictions about whether or not the groundhog will see his shadow. After making predictions, I find the YouTube clip of Punxsutawny Phil to see if our predictions were correct. (You have to look it up the day of in order to get the newest one.)

Exploring hibernation with students is a fun science topic. For younger students, creating a groundhog and checking shadows is always a winner. Even with my older students, I will sometimes set up a box (Wal-mart packing boxes are great for this) and let students take turns re-enacting Phil's prediction or burrowing in a groundhog's home.

If you are looking for a cute math task card activity, check out my Groundhog Day Addition Task Card Bundle by clicking the picture below.

Groundhog Day 2 and 3 Digit Addition Task Card Bundle

For those that like my Fact and Opinion Task Cards, I now have them too! Click the pic below to see them!

Groundhogs Fact and Opinion Task Cards

What do you like to do for Groundhog Day?

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