April 15, 2019

Teaching Tip - Picture Frames in Your Classroom

Teaching Tip - Picture Frames in Your Classroom

I have made lots of simple check-off forms for student names. I need to keep track of which students turned in their work and which ones still need to turn work in. Because of this I wasted a ton of paper and time looking for papers with the class list on them.

Looking for a neater solution using less paper, I turned to my favorite place - the dollar store. There I picked up a picture frame. I typed up a class list and put it inside the frame. Now I have a reusable dry erase board that looks so pretty on the shelf behind my desk. I use this list all the time! 

On a side note, I also use picture frames to share the book I am currently reading to my students as well as our code word. A $1 investment, really saves paper, looks pretty, and saves my sanity!

What is your favorite teaching tip?

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