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April 15, 2019

Why Should You Use Picture Frames in Your Classroom?

Teaching Tip - Picture Frames in Your Classroom

I am always trying new things in my classroom. Because of this, I want to share some of my favorite things that work for me. This week let's focus on Picture Frames in Your Classroom.

The Problem:

I have made lots of simple check-off forms with student names listed. I needed (and still need) to keep track of which students turned in their work and which ones still need to turn work in. Because of this I wasted a ton of paper and time looking for papers with the class list on them. It's silly that something so seemingly small would add so much stress to my days!

The Solution:

Looking for a neater solution using less paper, I turned to my favorite place - the dollar store. There I picked up a picture frame. I typed up a class list and put it inside the frame. 

Did you know that the glass is dry erase marker friendly? Now I have a reusable dry erase board that looks so pretty on the shelf behind my desk. (This picture may not be too fancy. Next school year, I am going to "pretty" up my paper even more with a background that goes with my classroom theme.) 

I use this list all the time! It's perfect when I need to see which students are finished with an activity. My favorite use is one in which I don't even use it at all! I assigned two students to collect homework (or I should say that one student asked me to collect it one morning and it became his regular job). Since I wasn't collecting it myself, I didn't see which students didn't complete their work right away. Now I give my student collectors the frame and they cross off which students completed their work.


You may actually want to invest in a frame a bit more substantial than a dollar store frame. I have already gone through a couple of frames. Because they are constantly being used, they tend to fall apart. The dollar store frames do work well as dry erase boards for frames that are not constantly being moved around.

Click on the picture above or click Code Word to see other Teaching Tips using dollar store picture frames. A $1 investment, really saves paper, looks pretty, and saves my sanity!

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Being a teacher is complicated! There are so many components into making sure that everything runs as planned. Building an array of teaching tips and tricks will help elementary teachers with classroom management. This blog post shares how a picture frame can add to classroom organization while saving the teacher time...and their sanity! {Classroom Management, Classroom Organization, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, and Fourth Grade, K, 1, 2, 3, and 4}

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