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January 7, 2020

4 Sight Word Centers That Help Fine Motor Skills (FREEBIE Inside!)

Do you use centers in your classroom? We use them during guided reading time. I use no prep/easy prep centers for my students to complete while I pull small groups. The most important thing I think about when it comes to centers is - Can students complete them without any help? I want high engaging centers that will truly benefit my students, but I do not want to have to help them since I would rather focus on my guided reading group.

4 Sight Word Centers That Help Fine Motor Skills (FREEBIE Inside!)

I also decided that these centers would need to be dual focused. They need to help students learn their sight words and help with their fine motor skills. With this in mind, here are 4 Sight Word Centers That Help Fine Motor Skills.
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4 Sight Word Centers That Help Fine Motor Skills

Magnetic Letters 

Materials Needed: magnetic letters, cookie sheet (from the dollar store), jewelry organizer

What to Do: Students find the letters to create the words on the cookie sheet. The jewelry organizer neatly keeps all the letters in order making them easy for students to find. As a bonus, it hangs up out of the way when you aren't using it.

Play Dough 

What to Do: For years, I have thought third graders were too old for play dough. This past summer, after a lot of reflection, I realized how badly my students needed to use it in school. Playing with play dough helps students with their fine motor skills (which I noticed are more and more lacking as the years have gone on).

Now I give my students the sight word cards and play dough and let them practice their words.

Alphabet Beads/Pipe Cleaners 

Materials Needed: alphabet beads, pipe cleaners (cut in half), small container (for storage)

What to Do: Students have to spell their sight words using the alphabet beads and sliding them onto the pipe cleaners. It's a tight fit so the students really have to work their fine motor skills.

Sight Word Activity Pages 

Materials Needed: Sight Word Activity Pages

What to Do: Sometimes, you need to give students a worksheet. You need the grades! This is not just an ordinary worksheet however. Each page focuses on one sight word word. Students have to color the word, cut out/glue letters, write the word, and more for each page. This gives students the opportunity to practice the words in different ways.

Sight Words Bundle - Fry Words: 1-500 - Primary Version                 Sight Words Bundle - Fry Words: 1-500 - Older Student Version     

One Last Note About Sight Word Centers

No matter what you decide to use for your sight word centers, keep it simple for you. You don't want a ton of extra management to worry about, extra grading, or extra prep to complete ahead of time. You want these students to benefit your students without overwhelming you. You also want to focus your resources on your guided reading group! What would you add to sight word centers? Feel free to email me your ideas or comment below!

Planning for reading centers can be overwhelming! It's also difficult to fit EVERYTHING into the school day! This post will help teachers plan simple centers that focus students  Bonus!!! There are freebies included! #confessionsofafrazzledteacher {Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders}

By the way, if you missed the freebies above, here they are again...

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