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June 23, 2017

Friday Freebie - Safe Spot

Safe Spot (Calming Station for Students)

Sometimes I need a Time Out!  If I need one, I know that my students need one too.  I will send students to Alaska in order to cool off, but that's a Time Out that I put them in.  A Safe Spot is a place where students can ask to visit because they are upset and/or angry. 

**Before downloading this freebie, check out how I use it in my classroom!  Throughout this post, I have included some affiliate links to products that I think will help you.**

I have a bench of 3 milk crates with a cushion on top that students can visit.  Inside one crate is a Calming Caddy. The other crates have stuffed animals.

Calming Caddy Contents:
* Books about behavior like

* Stress Ball
* Homemade Find-It Game made with rice and items I had laying around.  Below is a Find-It Game for your reference.

How I Run This:
I demonstrate how students should use the Safe Spot before they ever get there.  I don't want it to be used as playtime!  

1. Students flip the timer when they get there.  I like the 5 or 10 minute sand timers for this since they are quiet.  

2. They must fill out a reflection form before completing anything else. 
3. Then students can use anything in the Calming Caddy to relax. 
4. When the timer ends, they turn in their form and can return to their seat.

I know that students may take advantage of this time, so I have a recording form to keep track of all the times students actually use this Safe Spot.  I can use this information to have 1:1 conferences with the students, parents, and the social worker.  The goal in using a Safe Spot is for students to develop appropriate coping skills. To get your own FREE download of my Safe Spot packet, click on any of the pictures below.

Safe Spot (Calming Station for Students)
Safe Spot (Calming Station for Students)     Safe Spot (Calming Station for Students)

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