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June 19, 2017

Made It Monday - Health/Nurse's Station

I am so glad that school is over and summer is here!  Even though I have lots of plans to relax, I do actually want to accomplish some things as well.  That brings me to Mondays.  My goal is to make something new each week for my classroom.  This week, I made a Health Station.  In the past, I had things all over the place and had to search my desk (table, counter, drawers, etc.) just to find a band-aid.  No more!  This Health Station has it all.

To start, I went to the dollar store for some basic supplies:
 - Caddie
 - Vaseline
 - Q-tips
 - Hand-Sanitizer
 - Lotion
 - Gloves
 - Peppermints
 - Mini Containers

I made some cute labels to attach to everything, and made a cute container.

I am super excited at how cute it came out!  I can't wait to use it.  While working, I also decided to set up a Google Form to keep track of student visits.  I thought this would help me have actual data on repeat offenders.

To get your own Health/Nurse's Station, click on any of the pics below.



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