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January 30, 2018

February Activities and Resources for Your Classroom

While February is the shortest month, it has the most activities/events! Instead of breaking it down by subjects, check out some of my favorites by theme (since there are so many, I picked a couple of my favorite activities to share).

Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate links; clicking on theme provides compensation for me at no cost to you. 

Groundhog Day

Since read-aloud time is so important to me, I have to start with awesome books to share with your students!


Websites to Visit:
      Punxsutawny Phil - There is a teacher feature on here that lets you find lesson plans by grade level. 
      Groundhog Website for Kids - There are links for printable worksheets and online games for your students.

This year, Groundhog Day is falling on our 100th Day of School. Sadly, I am not planning as much as I normally do. I will, however, find a video the day of on YouTube that I will show after my students make their predictions.

100th Day of School


I love Stem for the 100th Day Freebie by Brooke Brown - Teach Outside the Box. This has lots of editable centers perfect for celebrating this day with older students.

Quick No Prep Math Activity - Pass out book orders. Have students cut out and "order" $100 worth of books.



      Olympic Coloring Sheets and Links - Lots of coloring pages, information on the different sports 
      Olympic Website - Official website of the Olympics.

This month is our crunch time before testing. I am thinking about hosting mini review sessions based on the Olympics. This is just something I am playing around with in my mind for now. I will let you know if I come up with anything.

Valentine's Day


Compli-Heart - Cut out a large heart for each child. Write their name in the middle. Pass the hearts around the room and have students write something they like about that person.

Last year, I got lazy and just printed out this sheet from TPT.

President's Day


Since I live in the Land of Lincoln - I make sure we study Abraham Lincoln. One activity we do is make log cabins using empty milk cartons, pretzels, and frosting. Food is always a hit!

Dental Health Month

Dental Health Experiment - Soak a hard boiled egg in overnight in pop. Then brush the egg with a toothbrush and toothpaste. It's messy but a super visual for kids. If you are interested, I created a printable. Click the pic below for the TPT link.

Dental Health Experiment, Writing, and Other Activities

Black History Month


I could write a whole blog post on just this topic! For now, let me leave you with my favorite activity that goes with Henry's Freedom Box. Use giant moving boxes (I got mine from Walmart). Let students sit inside the box so they can experience what this was like for Henry. It's an extremely powerful activity. Afterwards, I have my students write about the experience. (Please note: It's optional for my students to get in the box, but I have never had a student opt out.)

What seasonal activities do you like to do in February with your students?

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