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June 26, 2018

Tech Tip Tuesday - Collecting Data in Your Classroom with Google Forms and QR Codes

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

Over the past two weeks, I have created step-by-step videos on Creating Google Forms as well as Creating QR Codes. This week we are putting the two together to create a valuable resource for your classroom - EASY Data Collection!

I hate collecting data. It's a must though in the classroom. A teacher has to document EVERYTHING! In the past I would write down all the things I needed. This was a problem for a couple of reasons - I would forget to write everything down, I would lose the binder that held all my information, etc. I needed to find something that would be easily managed. 

This first led me to Google Forms. I became obsessed with them a couple of years ago and find that I use them all the time. Then, to make my life easier, I created QR Codes which would take me to the Google Form to record my data. All that information is then put in a Google Sheet that I can organize and easily use.

I know it sounds complicated. (It's easy for me to say it isn't because I am used to them.) Therefore, I created a video that will show you the steps to take to do this. By the way, the video is only about 5 minutes long. I highly suggest taking the time to learn how to do this now because during the school year, it will save you HOURS of work! (If you are still struggling, go back to the videos on Creating a Google Form or Creating a QR Code to break this down even further.)

Suggestions of Google Forms to Use in School:
* Behavior Log
* Parental Contact
* Learning Modifications
* Missing Homework/Assignments
* Behavior Chart Colors

What else can you create a Google Form for in your classroom?
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What tech skill do you need help with?

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