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July 26, 2018

Make It Thursday - Treasure Chest Rewards

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

Let's be honest, there are times you need to reward your students. In the past, I have only had a HUGE treasure chest filled with toys and goodies. It got expensive. Last year, I made treasure chest reward cards to add to my treasure chest. It was a GAME CHANGER! These cards were more valuable to my students than the expensive rewards that I had previously purchased.

Where to find the materials?

Disclaimer - I am linking to the items that I have and use...these are affiliate links.

* plastic container for storage (I have two of these boxes. I do not put out all of the cards in the beginning. One container has all the cards students can currently use while the other one stores all of my extra cards.)

* reward cards (I use the pirate ones to go with my classroom theme but have made superhero cards and cactus cards as well.)

Superheroes Treasure Reward Coupons - 50 Rewards for Classroom Management    Cactus Treasure Reward Coupons - 50 Rewards for Classroom Management      Pirate Treasure Reward Coupons - 50 Rewards for Classroom Management

Each set contains 50 reward cards that are print and use. There is also an option to create your own rewards that are editable.

How do I make these?

1. Print the cards you would like to use.

2. Laminate your cards.

3. Store the cards in the plastic bins.

Some Additional Notes:

When a student chooses a card, I write their name on it with a dry erase marker. Then I tape them on the Promethean Board. This keeps my students from losing them, bending then, or otherwise destroying them. They were a HUGE it. Throughout the year, I would add different cards to change things up. This kept the prizes exciting for my students.

What things would you like to make on Thursdays with me?

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