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July 5, 2018

Make It Thursday - V.I.P. Basket

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

Last summer I made two V.I.P. Baskets without any real purpose for them initially. During the year, I finally found a use, as a prize from the treasure chest. Students could choose to use them supplies for a day as a reward.

What are V.I.P. Baskets?

V.I.P. Baskets are filled with "special" supplies. These supplies can include crazy pencils (I included a giant one!), pens (My favorite is one with 6 different colors.), markers, crayons, glue, erasers, sharpeners, or anything else you can think of adding!

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

Where to find the materials?

I got all of my supplies on a trip to the dollar store, including the basket. I went down the office supply aisle pulling anything that seemed interesting. Since making my original basket, I have added a few more things, like cute containers that hold the crayons and markers taking them out of the box. A trip to any office supply store or Walmart would be an alternate place to find supplies.

How do I make these?

1. Shop for all the supplies you want to add.

2. Slap a cute label onto the supplies. To help you out, I made cute ones and have them on TPT. Click the pic below to check the out.

VIP/Star Student/Superhero Student Basket

3. Add your fun supplies! Your students will enjoy this!

What things would you like to make on Thursdays with me?

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