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July 10, 2018

Tech Tip Tuesday - How to Add Students and Check Out Library Books

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Last week I shared my favorite resource for checking out library books in your classroom - Classroom Booksource! Click HERE to see the blog post and video that will show you how to add all of your books to your account. Adding the books is an important first step. Once you do this, you can finally get things ready for your students to check them out!

Adding students to your classroom roster needs to be done in the Teachers section of Booksource. When there, click on Student Management. Click the green Add New Student button. You are then given lots of options. I normally only choose to add my students by first name and bypass everything else.

Checking out and returning books are both done in the Students section of Booksource. Once your class is created and the books are entered into the system, you can begin checking them out! Click the student's name and then the Checkout & Read button. From there, in the upper right corner, click inside the Search box. You can then type a key word from the title of the book to search (no need to type the entire title) or use the bar code scanner to scan a book. The bar code scanner I use is below. (Disclaimer: The pic is an affiliate link. It will help me earn a small commission if you make a purchase.) Make sure to finalize the checkout by clicking the Check Out Book button.

When you want to return a book, click on the Students section. Then click on the student's name. You can then click the Return Books button. The book the child needs to return should pop up. Finalize the return by clicking the green Return Book button. A screen will pop up showing that it is returned.

Come back next week, and I will share how to use the reports in the system! Until then, check out all the technology resources I have HERE.

What areas are you looking for help when it comes to technology in the classroom?

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