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July 17, 2018

Tech Tip Tuesday - Classroom Booksource Reports and Settings

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

Over the past couple of weeks I have shared my favorite resource for checking out library books in your classroom - Classroom Booksource! Click HERE to the video and blog post on setting up your library or HERE to see the blog post and video on adding your students/book check-out.

This week's focus is the last one for Classroom Booksource. I made a quick video to go through the reports and settings. There are so many options that teachers can enter for their classrooms. Some of my favorites include the number of books that a student can check out as well as setting a due date for the books to be returned.

The reports are also filled with great data to use in conferences with both students or parents. For example, I like the detailed student checkout summaries when I am meeting with students during reading conferences. It allows me to see if they are choosing books that are just right for them.

I hope these videos help you establish a classroom library that works well for your class. Check out all the technology resources I have HERE.

What areas are you looking for help when it comes to technology in the classroom?

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