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July 18, 2018

Wednesday Organization - Guided Reading/Math Supplies

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

At my Guided Reading/Math table, my students sit on cute little benches (milk crates with a cushioned lid) that open to a set of supplies that students are only allowed to use when are working together in groups. 

Materials Needed:

* Containers - I like to use a pencil box for this.
Examples of Supplies (your supplies should include everything you use on a regular basis):
     * Pencils
     * Pens
     * Dry erase markers
     * Dry erase erasers
     * Post-it notes
     * Crayons
     * Wikki-sticks
     * Highlighters
     * Scissors
     * Glue sticks

How to Do This: 

Add all the supplies to the pencil box/bag that you may need students to have when working with you in Guided Reading/Math. I suggest creating a little inventory on the top of each box so students always know what should be inside the box. This also makes for a classroom job - have a helper check to make sure all the supplies are together.

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher


For me, the biggest benefit is all the time I save. My school day is so limited in the amount of time I get that I need to maximize every second. I don't want to waste valuable minutes passing out supplies or even waiting for students to go back to their seats to get their own supplies.

What do you need help organizing in your classroom?

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