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August 14, 2018

Tech Tip Tuesday - Instant Ink

Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

I print a LOT of pages in color for school. My school has a color printer that we only sometimes have access to. This doesn't work for me. I love printing out decor items for my classroom as well as cute items for my students. I am able to do this with HP Instant ink. 

What is Instant Ink?

If you have a printer that is HP Instant Ink eligible, you are able to enroll in this program. You sign up for a certain number of pages that you are able to print each month. This printer needs to be on your Wi-Fi because it registers when you are getting low on ink and will automatically send you new ink cartridges. The best part is that you are not slapped with a large fee to get this ink. Instead, by enrolling in the program you pay a small monthly fee. When you sign up, there is a spot for you to add codes which could result in free months of this program. There is no catch and you can cancel at anytime. 

How Do I Enroll?

1. Find an HP Instant Ink eligible printer. Not all printers are eligible so look carefully. I checked out Amazon and the cheapest one I found is about $50. (affiliate link below)

2. Take the time to go through the sign-up process for Instant Ink. If you use my referral code then we both get a free month of Instant Ink.

3. Refer your friends to increase the amount of months you are able to get for free.

4. Feel free, at any time, to increase/decrease the number of pages you can print. You will have a dashboard that will monitor your pages for the month. It also will rollover unused pages.

It doesn't hurt to try out the program. I have had mine for the past year and love it. My mom tried it. She used her free months and then cancelled when she found out that she didn't really print enough to make it worth while. Hopefully, this Tech Tip can also be a Money Saving Tip for you!

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