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February 25, 2019

How to Get the Most for Your Money on Teachers Pay Teachers

How to Get the Most for Your Money on Teachers Pay Teachers

Are you like me and OBSESSED with buying things on Teachers Pay Teachers? I thought that since I made a ton of my own products, I wouldn't need to buy anything anymore. The opposite turned out to be true! As I make new items, I realize how tough creating products really is! This has made me truly value my time as I will just buy a needed resource. Because of this habit, I have tried different ways to save money. Below are some of my favorite ways to get the Most for My Money on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Provide Feedback for Purchases

Each time you provide feedback for a paid item, you earn credits toward a future purchase. (I have gotten a lot of items free thanks to past purchases!) You can check your TPT Credit Balance under your account information at any time. At checkout, Redeem TPT Credits to apply these to your payment.

While you do not get this benefit from free purchases, you REALLY help the teachers that create the products. The ratings help them gain more followers and rank their products higher in the product listings. Personally I get excited when I see a positive review. This helps motivate me to make more freebies! 

How Do You Provide Feedback?

1. Click on My Purchases and Downloads. You can then choose Paid Purchases or Free Downloads.
Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

2. Underneath the title of the description, click on Provide Feedback. If you have already provided this feedback, it will thank you for having done this. 
Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher
3. Give the seller a fair rating. An A rating really helps! There is a spot for comments. While "Great job!" is nice to hear, the more specific you can be makes a difference. 

* Please note that now TPT has a 5 point scale! A 5 is wonderful, if you really loved the product! If you do not like a product or find a mistake, please take the time and reach out to the teacher author. Remember, we are human and make mistakes too!
Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

Now you can use your TPT Credits toward future purchases! Apply them during your check-out. Enjoy shopping!

Follow Your Favorites on Teachers Pay Teachers

If you have a favorite Teachers Pay Teachers author, take the time to follow them. Some TPT authors have special prices when they have a new release (like me - I put new items on sale for 50% off the first 48 hours!). You will also be notified when new products are released. On your TPT homepage, you will be shown if any of the authors you are following are having a sale. 

Just like leaving feedback, following your favorite TPT authors also helps them gain recognition and have their items featured. For example, if you want to follow me, click HERE. (I would greatly appreciate it! 😀)

How Do You Follow Favorites?

1. When in Teachers Pay Teachers, head to your favorite TPT author's page.

2. Right under their name, is a Green Star with the words Follow Me next to it.

3. Click on the Green Star. The words will change to Following.

Follow Your Favorites on Social Media and Email

Even if you aren't big on Social Media, take the time to follow your favorites on Facebook and Instagram. Many of your favorites host giveaways or special deals that you only can see on these sites. If you don't follow them, you will never know of these incredible deals!

Likewise, if your favorite author has an email that you can subscribe to, take the time and do it! Many TPT authors will let you know of upcoming releases and will probably give some Must Have items away for FREE! What can be better than that? For example, if you subscribe to my email, I give you a 20 page Differentiated Math activity (plus lots more).

Sign-up for TPT Class Fund

This is similar to Donors Choose. People can donate money into your TPT Class Fund. This money can be used to purchase resources on the site. It's a lot faster and easier to complete as compared to Donors Choose. Plus, it gives you the flexibility to get what you need right away!

Bonus Tip - Try TPT for Schools

Ask your principal or curriculum director to sign-up for TPT for Schools. With this, you can request products that you love and want to use in your classroom! A message gets sent to the principal and they (hopefully) approve the resource with school funds (not yours)! 

Hopefully, you take the time to give feedback, follow your favorites on TPT, Social Media, and through email! By the way, here is another chance to follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers, Facebook, Instagram, or through Email!

Would you like some free resources from Teachers Pay Teachers? With the first tip in this blog post, you can earn some! This blog post contains three tips and tricks (and a bonus tip) to getting the most for your money on Teachers Pay Teachers! This will save you money and give you time to focus on your students! #confessionsofafrazzledteacher #teachers #teacherspayteachers {Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Educators}

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