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March 28, 2021

April's Fools' Day Activities for the Classroom

April's Fools' Day Activities for the Classroom

I used to hate April Fools' Day in the classroom. I would dread the ridiculous "pranks" my students would pull. Basically, they were all the same with someone pretending to point to a spider behind me. 

Gradually, I decided to embrace April Fools' Day and come up with a variety of pranks to get my students before they got me! Here are some of my favorites.


I almost always start off each post with a bunch of book suggestions. However, there aren't many that I know of specifically geared for April Fools' Day. Because of this, I usually try to find an entertaining book and read that instead. Here are two books I love...



Switch Teaching Positions With Another Staff Member 

Pick a staff member that you want to switch with. This activity works best if you can keep a straight face. For those that want to get really into this, try switching up pictures/names on the desks. This works well depending on how much you are willing to commit to the charade.


This is my personal favorite. I promise students brownies in the morning. I even show my foil covered pan saying how hard I worked on making them. At the end of the day, I do give out brownies or should I say Brown-E's! I cut out brown letter E's. In the end, I do give them store bought brownies. I like a fun prank but this is cruel if you don't actually give them brownies. 😉


Following Directions

April Fools' Day is perfect for a review sheet with directions stating to read each question before completing any work. The last question states not to answer any of the questions. If you have some questions in there that entertain you, all the better! I use this one with my students.

My favorite is having students jump up and down!

If you are looking for some additional activities or want resources to complete your own Brown-E activity or Following Directions questions, click on the pic below.

April Fools' Day Activities, Printables, and Craftivity

What's your favorite prank to pull on your students?

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