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March 25, 2019

Quick Teaching Tip: Highlight the Larger Number When Subtracting

Quick Teaching Tip: Highlight the larger number when subtracting

Do you sometimes forget the little tricks and tips that have worked for one group? I do this all the time! This is probable why I wanted to write a blog, so I could have a spot to remind me of them.

Today's tip is one that I forgot to show my students when we I first was teaching them subtraction with regrouping. It wasn't until I was reteaching a small group that I remembered it.

A student told me that he never knew when he had to borrow. That's when I pulled out the highlighter. We went through each problem highlighting the greater number in each place, the ones, tens, and hundreds. This amazed my student so much that he asked me how I learned all these tricks! When I told him that was all part of being a teacher, he just shrugged and said he didn't want to be one!

This little tip has caught on big time in my classroom. The students I showed this strategy to in the small group went back and showed their classmates. Now our subtraction papers are filled with highlighting marks. At least they finally know when to borrow!

What is your favorite teaching tip?

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