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April 8, 2019

Teaching Tip: Try Call Backs with Your Students

Teaching Tip: Try Call Backs With Your Students

Getting the attention of your class can be difficult. I admit that when I first started teaching I rang a bell over and over to get my students' attention. I cringe at that thought because the sound of the bell annoys me. (No offense if you use a bell. It just doesn't work for me.)

Your students get so caught up in their work that it's something difficult to gain attention. That's why I use these Call Backs or Attention Grabbers. In the beginning of the school year, we practice these over and over. I may say something like "Macaroni and Cheese." My students respond with "Everybody Freeze!"

When I say practice, I really mean practice. These are lessons on their own. I have my students talk to each other and than I randomly call out an Attention Grabber. They are expected to respond and then be completely silent. If not, we practice again and again. It's not the most exciting thing to do but it is effective.

Now, I do not raise my voice to yell at them to quiet down. I simply use a Call Back with my students. It's pretty peaceful.

Great news! If you want to try these with your students, I have made some free posters for you! Click HERE to download your own posters for free!  

What tips do you have for classroom management?

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