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May 9, 2019

The Frazzled Teacher Recommends: Enemy Pie

The Frazzled Teacher Recommends: Enemy Pie

Do you love books as much as I do? I definitely consider myself an avid reader! I am always on the lookout for new books while taking the time to reread my favorites. Join me each Thursday as I share a classroom treasure with you. Let me know what you think of the book and what book you would recommend! 

This week's Frazzled Teacher Book Recommendation is Enemy Pie!

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I like to start my school year off reading Enemy Pie. It's an amazing book and message to read to my students. I also reread it throughout the school year when my students are getting a little mean and nasty to each other. In other words, it's perfect for right now!

Quick Summary

Enemy Pie stars a little boy with one person on his enemy list, Jeremy Ross. His dad offers to make the enemy pie on one condition. The little boy has to spend an entire day with Jeremy. During the day, he realizes that Jeremy isn't so bad. He actually wants to be friends with Jeremy, but his dad has the pie ready to eat!

Extension Activities

Enemy Pie demonstrates that spending time with each other is the best way to become friends while eliminating your enemies. There is a great anti-bullying message. After reading the story, it would be fun to make a classroom version of Enemy Pie to eat. At minimum, this book encourages a writing prompt or two!

By the way, Enemy Pie is on Storyline Online. This way you can show an author reading the book giving yourself a little extra precious time to work on important tasks.

Even if you only read the story and have a discussion, this book will be worth the time you spend on it!

Other Book Recommendations:


Have You Filled a Bucket Today and Do Unto Otters focus more on treating others with kindness. In my classroom, I use the Bucket Filler as a theme for how we treat each other. I tend to read a lot in this series of books. 

The Juice Box Bully is great to read if you have a bully in your classroom. It teaches students how to stand up to bad behavior.

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What book do you recommend?

Bullying can be an issue in a lot of classrooms. It is up to the teacher to find ways to put an end to this! This book recommendation shares the story of Enemy. This book is great for classroom management and is a fun read aloud selection! A summary of Enemy Pie is included along with specific teaching ideas to implement tomorrow. #confessionsofafrazzledteacher #behaviormanagement {Preschool, Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Grade Students}

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