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April 1, 2019

Quick Teaching Tip: Build a Mr. Potato Head with Compliments

Quick Teaching Tip: Build a Mr. Potato Head with Compliments

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Did you notice that my Mr. Potato Head is missing a couple body parts? It's because he (or should I say my students) hasn't earned them yet.

One of the whole class rewards I use is Mr. Potato Head. My students earn (and sometimes lose) a piece depending on their behavior. If we get a compliment or everyone is silent when the phone rings (without anyone saying, "Shhhh..."), then we earn a piece of Mr. Potato Head.

Rarely, my students may lose a piece too. I try not to use this except as a last resort. One day a couple of weeks ago, I was definitely at that point! I may have picked up Mr. Potato Head, waved good-bye with one arm, and then took the arm off. I have to admit that I was a bit slap happy that day. It did lighten the mood in our classroom though!

As for the reward the class earns when he's complete, that varies depending on the class. This can be a movie, extra recess, no homework, pizza party, etc. The longer it takes to complete, the bigger I make the prize. I want to show them how much I reward positive behavior.

In our room, we use the Pirate Mr. Potato Head because it goes with our theme. There are so many different versions of him!  Here are some favorites:


What is your favorite teaching tip?

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